Hoffman 383 Multistage Blower*

Original Manufacturer


Model Designations

38301, 38302, 38303, 38304, 38305, 38306, 38307, 38308, 38309


Lone Star Manufactures Aftermarket Parts

Bearing Kit

A complete kit with gaskets and replacements needed for a simple bearing change

Seal Kit (air)   

A complete kit replaceing all the labyrinth or carbon ring seals and gaskets

Seal Kit (gas)  

A complete kit to replace all the carbon ring seals and gaskets

Impellers and Spacers - Cast or Fabricated

Specify part number or vane count  of each impeller needed

Baffle Rings

Turning vanes with clips or lock screws


Specify stages and configuration (inlet or outlet drive), (gas or air), (oil or grease)

Bearing Housing

Open or closed, oil or grease and any required caps or reservoirs

Blower Casings 

Inlet, outlet or intermediate cast iron housings

Complete Rotating Assembly

Let Lone Star provide you with a brand new complete assembly balanced and ready

Replacement Accessories 

Constant Level Oiler

Upgrade or replace to a constant level oiler to reduce maintenance cycles

Cooling Fan

Replace or retrofit a discharge cooling fan to extend bearing life

Star Lube® Oil or Grease

Star Lube® synthetic lubricants can greatly reduce maintenance intervals and protect equipment


Replace as required


Replace as required


Temperature, Vibration, Current Transducer replaced as required

Air Filters

Replaced as required

Valves and Actuators

Repair or replaced inlet valve, isolation valve, check valves and actuators

Expansion Joint

Replace old expansion joints - EPDM, VITON, Stainless Steel

Optional Service

Field Service and Preventative Maintenance

Let Lone Star come to you 

Overhaul and Repair

Fast immediate service by specialist for this type of equipment - Same as new warranty on complete blower

Drop in Remanufactured Replacement

Direct replacement unit that is parts interchangeable and performance equal with same as new warranty

Re-Rate  (change the performance of your blower)

Let Lone Star engineer a new performance by changing impellers or adding or removing stages

sLOC® Local Control Panels

Lone Star sLOC® local control panels to retrofit your current blower. Modern PLC, VFD and network integration 

New Replacement Blower System

Lone Star manufacturers the most modern and efficiency blowers in the world

Rental Units

Need immediate replacements, let Lone Star ship a rental unit today


Lone Star is your ONE Source for blower service 24/7

If you have a a question, give us a call today or contact us.