Lone Star is ISO-9001 CertifiedLone Star is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of centrifugal, geared, gearless, and multistage blowers and compressors along with complete control systems at our 16 acre factory located in Houston, Texas USA and has representatives located around the world.

Lone Star Blower and Compressor manufactures for Air, Gas, Pressure or Vacuum for many markets including  Water & Wastewater, Petrochemical & Refinery, Power Plants, Mining, Food and Beverage, and other Industrial Applications. 

Founded by experienced professionals from the industry, our mission is to lead the industry in creating value for our customers and Lone Star through differentiated services and technologies that save energy, enhance production and bring a positive impact to the bottom line. Our culture is where we aspire to have a fun community honoring our values by uniting through teamwork and our relentless pursuit of winning a WOW result.

We also take care of the blowers and compressors you already have by offering complete support and services to other brands as well as our own. Take a look at Lone Star Aftermarket Services.

Service Capabilities:

Lone Star Blower and Compressor recognizes the critical importance of maintaining peak performance and reliability for your blower systems. Our Houston facility boasts cutting-edge service capabilities, ensuring comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of our products.

Staffed with highly skilled technicians and engineers, we excel in installation, commissioning, maintenance, and repair services for all blower types. Our preventative maintenance programs are tailored to optimize performance and minimize downtime. Should emergencies arise, our 24/7 repair services swiftly address critical issues.

Moreover, we provide extensive Aftermarket Support, encompassing spare parts, upgrades, and retrofits. Collaborating closely with clients, we identify enhancement opportunities like energy efficiency improvements or capacity expansions. Our unwavering commitment is to maximize the value and longevity of your blower systems.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability:

Quality, safety, and sustainability are paramount at Lone Star Blower and Compressor. Our products meet stringent international standards, crafted from top-tier materials and subjected to advanced testing and inspection for reliability and performance assurance.

Additionally, we’re dedicated to lessening our environmental footprint. Engineered with energy efficiency in mind, our blower systems empower clients to reduce both carbon emissions and operational expenses. Through ongoing research and development, we strive to pioneer innovative, sustainable solutions in the industry.


In the heart of Houston, Texas, Lone Star Blower and Compressor stands as a premier provider of blower products and services. Offering an extensive array of centrifugal and positive displacement blowers, we cater to diverse customer needs. Backed by our robust service capabilities and unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability, Lone Star Blower and Compressor Is Your Trusted Partner for cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled support in the blower industry.

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Lone Star is ISO-9001 Certified


“To be the partner of choice with a reputation
built and inspired by every customer relationship.”


“Our evolving products and services adapt to
customer needs and reinvent expectations
in an established industry”


Family is at the heart of our organization. We are a supportive community to our employees, employee’s family and stakeholders. Customers are only as loyal to our company as the employees are loyal to the company.

We put the power of autonomy in our people with the resources, authority, opportunity, and motivation to win.
We believe there is no right way to do something that is wrong. We create an environment of trust where our actions mirror our words and we expect quality results in everything we do.

We make safety personal.  We assess risk and put safety first before beginning or advising any action.  There should be no reason or risk for people to get hurt.

We are motivated to go beyond the status quo.  We take risks, challenging the norm and improving business processes, services, and technology.  There is always a better way!

Why We’re Different …

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