The Evolution of Efficiency

If you are in need of a reliable high-speed turbo blower, then let Lone Star Blower and Compressor set you up! We can save you money, Ask Us How!

With more than 5,000 installations since 2006, our gearless (high speed) turbo blower represents the most successful and largest installed base in the world of this technology.  Our bearing design has proven to be reliable and our packaged energy efficiency to be the best in the industry.  Lone Star fully supports this product from our factory in Houston Texas USA and can build turbo blowers to meet any buy American requirements for municipal projects. Lone Star Blower is one of the world’s leading high-speed turbo blower manufacturers.

Lone Star DT High Speed Gearless Turbo Blower
  • Efficient: 20 to 40% more energy efficient offers less than 3 year payback
  • Quiet: 75 to 85 dba
  • Space Savings: Typically uses 1/3 the floor space of existing technologies
  • Low Maintenance: Air bearing design, No lubrication, alignment or scheduled maintenance beside filter change
  • Easy Installation: Completely Packaged — Just add power
  • Power: 10 to 1000hp / 15 to 750 kw 
  • Direct Drive Foil Bearing Permanent Magnet Motor with integrated variable frequency drive and controller
  • 50,000 stop start warranty and 10 year core warranty (option)
  • 5,000+  Installations 15+ years


Integrated Motor and Compressor. Hover over the identifier for the blower part component.

Our Duplex Units can Double the Flow

High-Speed Turbo Blower Dual Core MC Lone Star Blower
DT Gearless TurboMax Blower Performance Chart
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A turbo blower, also known as a turbine blower uses an impeller to compress air at high speeds. Turbo blowers are designed to work at constant pressure, delivering compressed air without pulsations, and their performance depends on external ambient conditions.

Turbo blowers have peak efficiency within a narrow range and are more dependent on pressure and flow rate than positive displacement compressors. Magnetic-bearing turbo blowers achieve an isentropic efficiency of between 60 and 78 percent.

High-speed turbo blowers optimize performance by integrating a single-stage centrifugal blower with advanced energy management systems. This innovative pairing creates a compact and efficient solution tailored for both wastewater and general industrial applications, ensuring superior efficiency.

These blowers leverage aerodynamic air-foil bearings, diverging from conventional ball bearing systems. Air-foil bearings harness the motor’s high rotational speeds to generate a pressurized air film around the bearing shaft, eliminating any contact between the shaft and the bearing housing.

By sidestepping the maintenance-intensive requirements of ball bearing systems, air-foil bearings enhance performance while minimizing downtime. This design innovation mitigates the need for frequent servicing and lubrication, maximizing operational efficiency.

Air, Gas, Pressure
Power: 200 hp – 13,000 hp
140 kW – 10,000 kW
Flow: 1,250 cfm – 350,000 SCFM
2,100 m3/h – 600,000 m3/hr
Pressure: 30 – 1,100 PSI
2 bar – 80 bar
API 614/617/672

Air, Gas, Pressure, Vacuum
Power: 100 – 6,000 HP
75 – 4,500 kW
Flow: 1,000 – 88,000 SCFM
1,700 – 150,000 nm3/h
Pressure: 2 – 35 PSI
0.1 – 2.4 bar
API 617/672

Air, Gas, Pressure, Vacuum
Power: 20 – 3,500 HP
15 – 2,500 kW
Flow: 300 to 45,000 SCFM
500 to 75,000 nm3/h
Pressure: 2 – 25 PSI
0.1 – 1.7 bar

Air, Pressure
Power: 20 – 500 HP
15 – 375 kW
Flow: 150 – 15,000 SCFM
250 – 25,000 nm3/h
Pressure: 2 – 20 PSI
0.1 – 1.4 bar

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