Our Rental Fleet is stocked with Air and Gas Blowers and Exhausters for Vacuum and Positive Pressure

February 3, 2021
Stephen Polidano – Lone Star


Our rental fleet is stocked with positive displacement blowers, multistage turbo blowers, gearless turbo blowers and geared turbo blowers.

We offer complete solutions: Complete packages, direct replacement drop-in blowers or exhuasters, staters and control panels, and various accessories.

Lone Star Blower can build-to-suit to your specific process performance for a rental blower in a matter of days or ship immediately from our extensive inventory. Process air or gas systems have specific flow and pressure requirements. Our applications engineers will make sure your process performance is met. From 1 to 30 PSI (15inHG Vacuum) delta pressure and 500 to 200,000 cfm air or gas, pressure or vacuum; we have a solution either emergency response or long term temporary applications. Rent-to-own options, as well as brand new replacement blowers are available. Blower Packages can include a simple bare blower or complete integrated system to include electric motor, motor starter, PLC control with monitoring and network connections, and other accessory items all packaged to simply connect power and connect piping and its fully automated. We can also build a rental to a specific process gas with the correct materials and protection. Area classifications to Class 1, Div 1 or Zone 0 or ATEX are available.

Reasons to Rent:

Capital Avoidance- Equipment is needed now but there is no budget for a capital expenditure

Upgrade Project- Unscheduled downtime is not an option. Equipment is needed uninterrupted while aging machines are removed or replaced

Short Term Projects- Unplanned or scheduled maintenance is performed, but equipment is needed during service

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Industries served include Water and Wastewater, Power, Petro-Chemical, Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage, Mining, and other industries using low pressure compressed air or gas in pressure or vacuum applications.

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