Lone Star GC Series Integrally Geared Centrifugal Compressors are designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards. With 1,100+ installations we have the experience and proven reliability you can count on. These units are completely supported from our Houston, Texas manufacturing facility, with field and full factory service capabilities, repair and overhaul, custom packaging and mechanical/performance testing.

GC Centrifugal Compressor major components right side
GC Centrifugal Compressor major components control panel side


  • Suction air filter
  • Inter & after cooler and oil cooler
  • Vibration detection system at each Stage
  • High efficiency drive motor
  • Motor bearing and winding temperature sensor
  • Condensate drain trap for all coolers
  • PLC control panel including a 9.7” wide touch screen display
  • Complete lube oil system
  • Inlet Guide Vane (IGV)
  • Blow-off valve (BOV) & silencer
  • Auto dual control and anti-surge modulating control

Engineered Centrifugal Compressors

Process Compressors are made to order for any specification or area classification. Air, Nitrogen, Natural Gas, Fuel Gas, Mechanical Vapor Recompression (Steam), CO2, or other gasses require specific materials and design. Our engineered solutions can meet the most demanding specifications from API 617, API 672, API 614 and beyond.

Lone Star Centrifugal Process Compressor
Compressors - CO2 Compressor, Mechanical Vaper Compressor, Booster Compressor, Fuel Gas Compressor

Regenerative Dryer

Reduced Production Costs


Give yourself a competitive edge by reducing
production costs with the revolutionary Sahara-Pak.
The first to develop a heat-of-compression regenerative
dryer, Sahara Air Products has been a leader in
compressed air and gas technology since the 1950’s.

The unique Sahara-Pak uses the normally wasted heat from the compressor to regenerate its desiccant.
In addition to efficiently using the heat-of-compression,
the Sahara-Pak produces extremely low dew points.
An important energy-saving design feature of the
Sahara-Pak is the repositioned aftercooler. In order to
use the heat-of-compression, the hot air goes directly
into the regenerating tower, then to the aftercooler and
drying tower. Net result, instrument quality air for free.

A Green Dryer, HOC Requires No CFC’s Does Not Pollute

There are two Sahara-Pak designs that allow you to choose the dryer which best fits your needs. All Heat-of-Compression dryers may only be used with an oil-free compressor; located reasonably close to the compressor. Pipe between the compressor final stage discharge and the Heat-of-Compression dryer should be insulated to
minimize heat loss. Consult Lone Star on what is right for your application. Call today or contact us.

Sahara HOC Air Dryer Brochure
Sahara T Heatless Air Dryer Brochure

LSB GC Series Centrifugal Compressor Brochure Data
GC Series Centrifugal Compressor Brochure
Aftermarket Services Blower & Centrifugal Compressor
LSB CS Series Control Panels Brochure
CS Series Control Panels Brochure

Air, Gas, Pressure
Power: 200 hp – 13,000 hp
140 kW – 10,000 kW
Flow: 1,250 cfm – 350,000 SCFM
2,100 m3/h – 600,000 m3/hr
Pressure: 30 – 1,100 PSI
2 bar – 80 bar
API 614/617/672

Air, Gas, Pressure, Vacuum
Power: 100 – 6,000 HP
75 – 4,500 kW
Flow: 1,000 – 88,000 SCFM
1,700 – 150,000 nm3/h
Pressure: 2 – 35 PSI
0.1 – 2.4 bar
API 617/672

Air, Gas, Pressure, Vacuum
Power: 20 – 3,500 HP
15 – 2,500 kW
Flow: 300 to 45,000 SCFM
500 to 75,000 nm3/h
Pressure: 2 – 25 PSI
0.1 – 1.7 bar

Air, Pressure
Power: 20 – 500 HP
15 – 375 kW
Flow: 150 – 15,000 SCFM
250 – 25,000 nm3/h
Pressure: 2 – 20 PSI
0.1 – 1.4 bar

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